Memo Service

At Discovery Gems, we appreciate you may be shopping to look for stones to use in a repair, or for a specific project - where a colour match is required.  This is difficult to do from pictures because of differing lighting conditions, camera equipment, and whatever device you are using to view the images.

We offer clients whom we know personally, or with solid industry references, a memo service.  You may request a quantity of stones from us, and we will ship to you for your inspection / selection.  We request you return the stones to us within 14 days (or purchase the parcel.)

Please send us an Email to request a memo from us, and specify your needs as closely as possible.  If this is your first time requesting a memo from us, please include the following details:

-  Business physical location.

-  Business registration information (such as a business licence or tax ID).

-  Phone number and Email contact details.

-  A brief description of your business - do you attend/show at any trade shows?  Are you active in any industry groups on social media?

-  Please provide 2 or more industry references who can confirm your identity.

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